Oreo Taco Cookies


Oreo Taco Cookies are a dessert that sounds irresistible and, of course, taste simply amazing. If you ever want to have fun and get creative with food, try the oreo taco cookies. It can be classified as a fiesta-inspired treat.

It’s a perfect DIY you will like to create. It doesn’t involve any special skills, just a few steps involving the creation of the components. Components like shredded green coconut, shredded cheese, etc. require their peculiar dressing, which is given below.

On a high note, Oreo taco cookies preparation is a fun art on its own. There are no technical skills required to make it. An oven is not even needed.

This recipe is a quick source of carbohydrates and keeps hunger far away. I prepare it every fortnight. Oreo taco cookies are also ideal for people with children.

It is time to start playing and start getting creative with your food.


Turn oreos chocolate into coarse crumbs using a blender or place them in a bag and break them using a small rolling stick. Add the oreos crumbs and mix with one-third of the one cup vanilla frosting inside a small bowl, whisk lightly till the coating is evenly distributed with the oreos crumb. It will be the Oreo truffle mix, which will serve as the taco meat.

Scrape off the cream filling from the golden oreo and separate it into two parts or wafer. Divide the wafer into one-third and two-thirds. The same is done for the rest of the golden oreo. It has to be perfectly done to get our desired sweet and delicious cookies. Place the two parts on a wax-paper lined cookies sheet. You can see the fun and playful part of this delightful dessert, golden oreo passing as the taco shell.

Melt the peanut butter chips for 20-25 seconds, then place it in piping nylon and add it along the two-third wafer of the golden oreos. Place the remaining one-third part on the melted butter, which will eventually form the open taco shell, a subtly v-shaped crust.

The taco shell should be placed on a wax-paper lined cookies sheet so that the melted joint is strong enough.

Add a few drops of the green food coloring to the shredded coconut, make sure the color is evenly distributed after mixing. Cut the hot tamales candies into large pieces and set aside, hot tamales serve the purpose of cherry tomatoes. Fun, is it?

After opening the starburst candies, make sure it softens then cut into a strip of cheese.

Insert a few taco meats (Oreo truffle mix) into the taco shells, add vanilla frosting on top of the taco meat to act mainly as the binding for the toppings and also the cream. Then add the shredded green coconut, piece of the hot tamale followed by vanilla frosting(binding), then the shredded cheese.

Have it, that’s our yummy and delicious Oreo taco cookies ready for consumption. Yummy!

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