One-pan Chicken Parmesan Pasta Skillet

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Not sure what to make for your guest this coming weekend? Looking for a simple yet delicious comfort food recipe to make any time when having a craving for something rich in flavor. Well this simple to make pasta can be done for a quick dinner, lunch, or party dish for a drink night or a brunch.

By just using a few ingredients you can make this simple dish and with accessible ingredients it makes it not only easy but affordable to make. Works for couples or groups, it all depends on you and how much pasta you want to make. 

Not many ingredients needed and the preparation is quick and done, you can do this recipe in just one pan, which means, no need to get multiple pots for this recipe, just one pot will be enough to get this set and ready. 

For this recipe, our main protein will be chicken breast which will be cut into little cubes. Italian dressing and marinara sauce, you can choose any pasta you want (Penne could be a great choice), but for the recipe we will use Rigatoni Pasta and parmesan and mozzarella cheese to get the stretchy rich cheese we all love. 

With those ingredients and easy steps to follow we will have a cheesy and flavor pasta to enlighten your guests. 

The first thing we will do to create this delicious pasta is heat our chicken and add the Italian flavoring to it, cooking at medium-high heat while also adding salt and pepper to taste. You want to let the chicken cook until its brown and tender which should happen within 5 minutes. 

The next thing to do is add the pasta and the marinara sauce to your pot. Refill the empty sauce jar with water and add it to the skillet or pot, stir it until all your ingredients are blended, your chicken, pasta, and sauce.

Let your new mixture boil for a couple of minutes and then lower the heat and let it cook for another couple of minutes until the pasta gets the tenderness of your preference. 

Once everything has cooked properly and the pasta is well cooked. Shred the cheese and add it on top of your pasta, let it cook for a couple of minutes until your cheese melts. If you want extra melty cheese you can let it boil for another 3 more minutes. 

Serve this delicious cheesy pasta in any occasion. Enjoy this dish with rich wine and salad or garlic bread as a side dish any of them will go well with it. 

This recipe is not hard to make, can be made within a couple of minutes and can be made for any occasion. Get your chicken breasts, favorite cheeses and desired pasta, cook, boil, cook again, and add cheese on top for that cheesy top. 

Turn your casual nights into a pasta night with this dish, enlight your guests and add something extra to make it more special, toppings like basil could add an extra punch of flavor to it.

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