Olaf Peanut Butter Cookies


10-12 people

Cooking Time

35 minutes

Total Time

35 minutes

  • 10-12 Nutter Butter Cookies

  • 1 ½ Cups White Chocolate Candy Melts

  • Black Decorating Icing

  • Large Candy Eyes

  • 3-4 Orange Starburst

  • Handful Mini Marshmallows

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    1. Firstly, Cut orange starburst into triangular thirds. Using the warmth of your fingers, form the triangles into cones to resemble a carrot nose. Cut each mini marshmallow in half to represent the teeth. 
    2. Melt the white chocolate candy melts according to package directions.
    3. Using a fork, dip the nutter butter cookie into the melted chocolate and tap off excess, lay on a parchment-lined cookie sheet.
    4. Repeat with the other cookies, and immediately add the eyes and nose. Let dry.
    5. Using a small round tip, pipe the black decorating icing on to form eyebrows, hair tufts, and smile. Then, add a marshmallow half to the inside of the mouth for the teeth.
    6. In conclusion, Let dry and enjoy!
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