Neapolitan Waffles

Credits: Sara

Waffles come in many shapes and sizes, but this breakfast take on the classic Neapolitan ice-cream flavor deserves a place among your personal favorites. These tasty breakfast treats are easy to make, deliciously nutritious, and hold a high presentation value to boot! Originally part of a recipe networking event called Waffle Week, this creation by Sara (@dinneratthezoo) has endured to gain fans and fame.

The process is simple, and yields a wonderful result. You will need to prepare three separate bowls of batter: one flavored with melted chocolate, one with vanilla extract, and one with ground freeze-dried strawberries—but you can start with just two bowls, and eventually divide the batter equally into three. In one bowl, mix the dry ingredients first—flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. In another bowl, mix the buttermilk, butter, and eggs. Add in the dry mixture and blend.

Assuming you have made some version of waffles before, you will be comfortable with a waffle iron. Heat that baby up, lightly greased, and lay down one large scoop of batter from each of the three bowls so that the waffle ends up striped red, yellow, and brown to echo the iconic Italian ice cream. Make sure the batters are touching each other, lest your beautiful waffle becoming a beautiful mess. Once the waffle is cooked (times will vary according to the instructions of your waffle-iron manufacturer), serve it up with fresh strawberries, vanilla yogurt, and chocolate sauce. If you’re feeling like this would be better off served as a dessert, swap out the get-up-and-go breakfast toppings for some ice cream!

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