Mini Boozy King Cakes


8 people

Cooking Time

3 hour 45 minutes

Total Time

3 hour 45 minutes

  • 1 prebaked white sheet cake

  • 1 cup Sprite

  • 2 packets of unflavored gelatin

  • 1 cup Key Lime Pie Flavored Vodka

  • 2 tbsp key lime juice

  • 5 drops each of yellow, green, purple food coloring, divided

  • 2 cans premade white icing

  • ¼ cup colored sprinkles in yellow, green, and purple

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    1. Prepare cake batter and bake as directed for a 13×9-inch pan. Cool cake in a pan for 15 min. 
    2. Using a biscuit cutter, cut the cake into individual cakes. 
    3. Using a wooden skewer pierce the cake about 6 times. 
    4. Bring the Sprite to a boil in a medium saucepan. Add gelatin and whisk for about 2 minutes. Take off heat. 
    5. Stir in cold vodka and key lime juice. 
    6. Divide the jelly shot mixture into three squeeze bottles. Mix in the purple, green, and yellow food dye separately into each bottle. 
    7. Fill the holes with the different colors of jelly. Don’t mix the colors. One-color per hole. 8. Refrigerate for three hours. 
    8. Frost cakes on top and garnished with sprinkles.

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