Manicotti with Creamed Chicken and Almonds

Credits: Spicy Southern Kitchen

This recipe is already a hit because it has chicken in it! I mean, who doesn’t love chicken, the tasty flavor of its generous, tender meat is unparalleled. 

Seriously, you can never go wrong with manicotti creamed chicken and that’s what this recipe is all about; unveiling the goodness within this appetizing dish – made from diced chicken, ricotta cheese, spinach, and topped with finely sliced almonds and gruyere cheese sauce. 

This recipe is one of the best manicotti chicken recipes out there. Rich and healthy ingredients were combined to deliver a scrumptious masterpiece that you will love. If you’re tired of having the same dinner over and over again, here’s one great option for you – they make a nutritious, delicious, and easy to make dinner. They require about an hour to make, so dinner will be ready in no time.

Each bite of manicotti with creamed chicken and almonds delivers an unsurprisingly great flavor and you just can’t get tired of this incredibly delicious dish.  This recipe is as easy as it gets, just get the following list of ingredients and follow the steps and bam you’re on the right path of enjoying the best dinner ever with your family.


Manicotti with Creamed Chicken and Almonds


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