Make Ahead Vegan Samosa Shepherd’s Pie

Credits: 101 Cookbooks

“Mom, can you make the vegan samosa shepherd’s pie granny makes us?” Chris asked his mother while staring at the picture of this yummy vegan samosa shepherd’s pie on his iPad with his little cute eyes his mother finds difficult to turn down whenever he makes a request.

It’s a long holiday ahead of us and perhaps that restaurant you order your favorite vegan samosa shepherd’s pie from is on lockdown but your cravings are quite busy and active. Maybe, your mother makes the best vegan samosa shepherd’s pie for your kids but she is so far away and you are left with no choice but to make one for your kids. Perhaps, you are trying out a new dish and a vegan samosa shepherd’s pie sounds like a good idea. 

We all know how cravings can be pretty intensive and while you have them, nothing else matters until you satisfy your stomach urges. If you love a vegan samosa shepherd’s pie or you simply want to try out a new dish but you have no idea how to go about making one, do not panic, the recipe is pretty simple and straight forward. You can even make ahead the mixture and bake right before serving. 

Make Ahead Vegan Samosa Shepherd’s Pie



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