Lighter Creamy Turkey Piccata

Credits: Andie Mitchell

Doesn’t Piccota just sound professional? I guess everything with a foreign word as a name sounds professional. But what is a picatta? At first I thought it was like a frittata.. But that’s an egg based dish. Piccata is something completely different. 

Piccata was originally made with veal that was then dredged in flour and sautéed in a sauce which included lemon juice, butter and capers. This dish is so good but it’s full of gluten and saturated fats among other things.

This recipe is a healthier option. Using turkey instead of veal, using olive oil instead of butter, and almond flour instead of regular flour. These healthier alternatives make this recipe gluten and dairy free as well. Which makes it great for social gatherings because this dish will cater to many different diets.

The first thing you do in the recipe is get your turkey breasts ready. Seasong them with some salt and pepper, then dredge them on the almond flour. Dredge is a fancy word which pretty much just means cover them in the almond flour. After that cook the turkey breasts in a skillet for a few minutes. Then you’ll remove the turkey breasts and make the sauce. The sauce takes a bit of time, but not long and nothing complicated. For those of you who aren’t professional cooks, I believe in you. 

Once your sauce is done return the turkey to the pan and top it with capers, parsley, and lemon slices. This makes it look so professional. 

There you have it. Your healthy piccata.

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