Hungarian Beef Goulash

Credits: The Beach House Kitchen

If you’ve ever had a taste of the Hungarian Beef Goulash, you’ll know it’s a delicious beef soup that will make you come back asking for more like Oliver Twist. This soup is all you’ve ever wanted and more – spicy with tender and yummy meat. Having your Hungarian Beef Goulash with noodles is a memory you will never forget. Be prepared to get addicted! 

This stew is one of Hungary’s finest and is as rich as the Hungarian culture. One ingredient that is impossible to miss is the onions. You don’t want to make your goulash without the onions. The flavor is not the same without them. You will also love the color the sweet Hungarian Paprika adds to your meal.

You can serve it along with noodles or potatoes. You may or may not decide to add veggies to your Hungarian Beef Goulash as people have their different ways of preparing this dish.  Don’t overpack it with vegetables as goulash is all about the broth and beef – creamy and chewy.

It is also important to know that the Hungarian Beef Goulash is very different from the American goulash. American goulash is about beef, tomato, and macaroni. Don’t be surprised when you hear someone call the Hungarian Beef Goulash, “Hungarian chop suey”, it is just another name for the dish.

Hungarian beef is the average Hungarian family’s best meal and anyone who appreciates a good meal will know why after tasting it. This recipe is easy and can be perfected in a single trial. 


Hungarian Beef Goulash


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