Huevos A La Plaza De Mercado

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A beautiful and delicious way to make eggs for breakfast, it is not as simple as your boiled eggs, or pretty poached egg toast, this recipe requires a little more effort than that and preparation. But every minute spent on it will be worth, as you will be awarded a delicious, creamy, and fancy looking breakfast. Surprise your family, partner, or just treat yourself with this Huevos a la Plaza de Mercado. 

If you want to get this dish faster and easier, is best to prep the sauce the night before so that way, you can set it within minutes the day after or morning. 

We will be making a red sauce, and onion dressing, and our eggs and toppings. As you can see we will be making three things and that’s why the preparation for this dish takes longer than other regular egg breakfasts. But don’t worry, it’s fun and the result is worth it. 

The first thing to make the red sauce, you want to blend all your ingredients together and get a rich puree. The ingredients used in the red sauce are cilantro, white onion or shallots, garlic, and red pepper. A can of tomatoes and you can choose whether to use sausage or not in the sauce. If you are looking for a lighter breakfast you can skip the meat. 

You can blend everything together and then cook it for 30 minutes until you have the puree is thickened, add salt and pepper for seasoning. 

Once you have your red sauce ready, you want to move on to the onion dressing, here we will be using scallions or chives, serrano, paprika and greek yogurt (If you have sour cream, you can use that). 

Mayonnaise, cilantro, lemon zest, syrup or agave nectar, olive oil and salt and pepper for seasoning. Blend everything together, season, and let it cool so the flavor can be enhanced. 

After the red sauce and the onion dressing, next thing we want to do is warm our tortillas in a skillet or pan, cook the eggs and place them on the warm tortillas, followed by the red sauce, you can get creative and add avocado, tomatoes, cheese, and cilantro. But it is just optional, you can keep it simple with the sauce and the dressing. 

Finish the assemble with topping the eggs with the dressing and hot sauce (optional). You could heat everything if you want to give it an extra kick to the flavors that we have there, or you can simply serve it with a slice of lemon next to it. 

It’s a laborious recipe, but the result is worth it, make this for a casual morning, with no rush. Because the recipe will definitely consume some of your morning time, or prep the sauce and dressing a night before, as they both can be stored without getting damaged. 

If you consider is too heavy for a breakfast meal, set it for lunch instead. Same prep and maybe you want to use meat to give it that extra touch, so it can look and taste like a light lunch meal.

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