Hershey’s Cheesecake Brownies

Credits: The recipe critic

We all love desserts, the creamy sour flavor from cheesecakes, and the soft and crunchy borders of brownies with that nice touch of chocolate. So making these favorites dessert into one is something that everyone will appreciate, mixing chocolate, cream, crusty borders, and rich flavors. This is a must.

Topped with a bar of Hershey, this three-layer dessert will have everyone drooling as they take a bite of it and it smoothly melts in their mouths. Combining cheesecake and brownies have never been tastier. 

For our cheesecake brownies, we are going to need butter which we will melt together with chocolate chips to create our chocolate base. Sugar, eggs, vanilla, flour, and salt, plus Hershey’s cocoa powder which will add a darker color to our brownies and extra flavor. 

In the cream cheese center, we will be using soft cream cheese, sugar, a pinch of salt, egg, vanilla, and Hershey bar. 

After preparing our pan for baking, we will leave our oven set at 350 and assemble an 8×8 pan with baking paper. We will spray our pan as well as our paper so it can be easily removed once our cheesecake brownie is baked.  

We will start melting the chocolate and the butter, at medium heat, or for more convenience, you can do it in the microwave, just make sure the mix is smooth and let it cool for a while.

Now, we want to start making our brownie batter, for it we will begin mixing our eggs, vanilla, sugar, and once blended, we will pour our chocolate mix and make sure everything is mixed and smooth. 

Sieving cocoa, salt, and flour into a separate bowl we will add our mixture and have a blended and creamy batter for our brownies. We will add the batter into our ready pan.

Then we will mix our cream cheese frosting which will work as our cream cheese filling for our brownie batter, we will add all ingredients: cream cheese, sugar, salt, eggs, and vanilla. Once completely smooth you want to add this and spread it on top of your brownie batter. 

Put it in the oven and let it bake for over 1 hour, or until set, you can always make sure it is ready by introducing a toothpick or something else, it should come out clean, if it does it means your brownies are ready. Place Hershey bars on top (Optional) and let them melt, place it in the fridge or just let it cool outside, and then you have your Hershey’s cheesecake brownie ready to eat. 

There is no way you can’t get this right, this is an easy recipe, while you have to make your brownie batter and then cheesecake filling, it’s still easy to make. Two separate units that will come together in one baking pan and grow and bake into this deliciously creamy, light, soft, and crunchy brownies. 

Adding the Hershey on top will give a more chocolatey feeling, but for those who aren’t too into it, it’s fine to let it out. Either way, the brownies will be a heavenly experience with or without the melted Hershey. 

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