Texas Jalapeno Potato Salad



Prep Time

25 minutes, plus 1 hour chilling time

Cooking Time

10 minutes

  • 5 large potatoes

  • 4 eggs

  • 1/2 cup LA MORENA Whole Jalapenos

  • 1/4 red onion

  • 2 tablespoons jalapeno juice from the can

  • 1/2 cup yellow mustard

  • 1 cup mayonnaise

  • Salt and pepper, to taste

  • Dash of paprika

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Recipe courtesy of The Tip Toe Fairy!

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1) Peel and cube the potatoes.

2) Boil for 10 minutes or until soft. Then, drain.

3) Boil 4 eggs to hard-boiled stage. When done, remove from heat and add ice to cool them down.

4) Transfer the potatoes to a bowl and set aside.

5) Quarter and dice 4-5 LA MORENA Whole Jalapenos.

6) Thinly slice about 1/4 of a red onion. Roughly chop the thin slices.

7) Mash the potatoes slightly.

8) When the eggs are cool to the touch, peel and slice them, removing the yolks.

9) Mash the egg yolks in a small bowl.

10) Add the egg yolks, jalapenos, jalapeno juice, mustard, mayonnaise, onions, salt and pepper to potatoes.

11) Combine until completely mixed.

12) Add a dash of paprika to the top of the potato salad.

13) Cover and chill for at least an hour, preferably overnight, before serving.

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