Spicy Slow Cooker Beer Chicken Tacos


8 People

Cooking Time

4 hours and 30 minutes

Total Time

4 hours and 30 minutes

    To Serve:
    • 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

    • 2 cups salsa verde

    • 1 can beer of choice

    • 3 tablespoons taco seasoning

    • Salt and pepper, to taste

    • Corn tortillas (you can also use hard taco shells)

    • Shredded Mexican cheese blend, for serving

    • Chopped tomatoes, for serving

    • Chopped cilantro, for serving

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    Is this the easiest chicken taco recipe of all time? Basically. Go forth and enjoy Spicy Slow Cooker Beer Chicken Tacos!
    1) Place chicken in the bottom of a slow cooker. Cover with salsa verde, beer, taco seasoning, salt and pepper. Stir to combine.

    2) Cover and cook on high for 4 hours. After 4 hours, use two forks to shred chicken inside slow cooker. Cover again and cook for an additional 30 minutes.

    3) Place shredded chicken on tortilla and top with shredded cheese, chopped tomatoes and chopped cilantro.

    4) Serve and enjoy!

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