Bacon Pancake Stacks


6 People

Cooking Time

20 - 30 minutes

Total Time

20 - 30 minutes

  • 1 box pancake mix

  • 1 pound bacon

  • Butter

  • Maple syrup, for serving

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    Remember how much you loved our recipe for Bacon-Stuffed Pancakes? Well these Bacon Pancake Stacks are just like, except even more epic!

    1) Prepare pancake mix according to package instructions. Set aside.

    2) Weave bacon into 3-strips by 3-strips squares. Cook bacon as you normally would until crispy. You can do it on the stovetop or in the oven.

    3) When bacon is crispy, make your pancake stacks. Melt some butter in a large skillet over medium high heat. Pour a layer of pancake batter, making it the width of your bacon weave. Place bacon weave on batter, and top with more batter.

    4) Cook both sides of the pancake until golden brown. Continue making pancakes until all of the batter and bacon have been used.

    5) Serve with maple syrup and enjoy!

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