Fregola Sarda, the Perfect Lunchy Brunch Dish Recipe (Pasta)

Credits: 101 Cookbooks

If you like to experiment with pasta and you’re tired of the common variants like spaghetti, macaroni and the common meal options like: mac and cheese, lasagna etc., Fregola Sarda is a meal adventure to embark on.

Fregola Sarda is a tasty Sardinian pasta, with a nutty flavor and a rough texture made from durum wheat flour, processed into pasta in different shades of brown and yellow.

The Fregola Sarda is a great option for fun lunches, picnic meal options or dinner palettes. This dish is so diverse; it can also function as a salad, if you toss in your favorite veggies and a great salad dressing.

This pasta is so good, the scintillating aroma is definitely going to make your neighbors come knocking. So let’s get started!

Remember, you’re the chef and whatever you want to eat your Fregalo Sarda pasta with; it’s your kitchen, your rules.

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