Double Chocolate Brownie Pancakes

Credits: Café Delight

When you were a child, do you remember the thrill of having chocolate chips added to your homemade pancakes?  I mean, chocolate for breakfast?  Did childhood rebellion get any better than having Mom’s approval and willingness to make those melted spots of yumminess engulfed in spongy bread?   No it did not.

Fast forward to 2020, and perhaps you are making the same sweet treat for your own little ones.  Along with happy kiddos and making memories, can this meaningful ritual possibly be topped?

You might not think so, until you feast your eyes on the round, fluffy circles of bliss waiting to indulge your taste buds.  Who is the prodigy that discovered the chocolate chips needed to be added to…chocolate batter? And how did he or she know the perfect drizzle for these incredible creations would be…more chocolate?!  Give that man or woman a tall glass of milk!

Practice a big dose of self-control when you make these.  Don’t lick the bowl until it’s empty! And no hiding in the closet with the batter!

Twelve ingredients total for the batter and topping make this a rather simple recipe to prepare.  The challenging part is trying to keep the fingers and spoons out of the kitchen, along with the bodies they’re attached to.

Simply whisk your ingredients together, fold in the chocolate chips, and prepare your pan over medium heat.  Measure your batter into the pan, flip when bubbly, and remove when done. Make the topping in two easy steps. 

Simple.  Satisfying.  Delectable. 

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