Dark Chocolate Choco Tacos

Credits: Flora & Vino

Tacos are the sweetheart of the hour, the flame of the day, the heartthrob of comfort foods.  Oh, how we love you, our little taco addiction.

But wait!  There’s more?!  You bet your crunchy tortilla, there’s more!  Tacos filled with ice cream! Gasp!  Topped with melted chocolate!  Gasp!  Organic, vegan and gluten free!  Be still, our beating hearts!

This recipe shows us that healthier desserts can be enjoyable and tasty.  These dessert tacos have texture and flavor, without a bunch of additives.  The preparation time is worth the effort. We have the satisfaction of knowing we’re feeding better ingredients to our loved ones.  And without skimping on taste!

A little bit of prepping before assembling the desserts will make the process easier.  Some sort of holder to keep the taco shells upright is a great help. Don’t forget to make sure there is room in the freezer.  Have all the toppings chopped, cut or shredded. Nuts, coconut, seeds and chips are a few options to choose from.  

The ice cream needs to be firm when filing the shells.  Be careful to completely fill, but not to the point of breaking.  Melted chocolate and toppings will be added to the firm ice cream, which immediately needs to go into the freezer.  Otherwise, a melted mess will be the reward.  

Once the ingredients are completely frozen, serve and enjoy!  

Our love for tacos has climbed to a higher level.  Taco love in every form is the epitome of comfort food love.

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