Cute Cookie Tees

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Life is sweet when you make cookies, cookies make the world a better place, there is no crying in baking! If you have been looking for a way to have fun with kids, try these cute cookie tees. It is fun and easy to make. You will find yourself smiling from all sweetness of these cute cookie tees. Trust us, you will love it! These sugar cookies say it all.

Even if your handwriting isn’t the best in the world, you can still decorate these cookies. With these sugar cookies, there are endless ways of decoration. It is time you put on “eat more cookies phrase” … on a cookie. You should try out these cute cookie tees. It feels right and tastes sweeter! They are so cute and super! You will love these adorable cookies.

Before you decorate your cookies, you will need to bake your cookies. This recipe focuses on how to decorate cookies. For this ringer style tee, you will need three colors of royal icing- white, pink, and brown. You will also need to buy a shirt cutter. Once you have all these in place, you are good to go.

Let’s get started with these cute cookie tees!

First of all, pipe and outline the shirt with white icing. Once the shirt is covered in white icing, pipe the pink details on the sleeve and collar right on top of the white. Allow them to dry completely before adding any phrases.

Now, cut out small strips of wax paper, tape one side down over the template, and use a black edible-ink writing pen to trace over the letters. Remove the wax paper, and carefully press it in place on the cookie without moving.

Next, use the pen to write directly on the cookie, tracing over the light impression of the ink on the cookie. Remember your brown-tinted icing? This is the time to make use of it.  Make use of the brown icing to pipe the dots in position for the cookies. Now, allow the cookies (on the cookies) to dry, and make use of a toothpick to dot tiny chips on the top of the cookies. You also need to tint the remaining brown royal icing a darker shade of brown or black.

That’s it, your cute cookie tees are ready!

Eat more cookies and enjoy!

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