Cozy at Home Spicy Any-Veggie Soup

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A nutrient, full of vegetables and heartwarming soup. This soup is a to-go recipe that can be used at any moment, any weather and it just tastes delicious and uses nice ingredients that we can find at home. Basically handy vegetables. Serves up to 8 units, so you can make it for your family and eat again later at night.

This veggie soup is easy to make, we basically will be throwing all our ingredients and veggies into an instant pot and it will do the magic for us, so what we choose to season the soup as well as the vegetables are chosen must be ones that will add flavor and texture to our soup. You can choose any mix or combo of vegetables, choose your favorite ones or those you think will bring a nice flavor to it. A great set is broccoli, carrots, squash, green beans, and mushrooms. 

A spicy, tasty, and warm soup full of vegetables to boost your system with vitamins and nutrients. We are going to use coconut or olive oil, water, diced tomatoes, broccoli, squash, carrots, green beans, red pepper flakes, coconut milk, garlic powder, red lentils, and apple cider vinegar. Salt to taste. 

You can make this soup using two different methods. You could do a stovetop method which means you are going to add all the ingredients, seasoning, and vegetables into a pot and mix. This will require you to stir the mix several times in order to make sure it doesn’t solidify and that everything mixes well. Also to avoid anything from getting stuck at the bottom or sides of the pot. 

This requires you to stir constantly and stop once the vegetables are tender. Then you add the apple cider vinegar and salt, and it’s ready to serve and enjoy. 

The second method is using an instant pot. Instead of constantly stirring the soup in order to avoid things from getting stuck in the bottom we are going to add all the ingredients into the pot. We are going to let out the red lentils and apple cider vinegar. 

Mix all the ingredients and once everything is well combined you can add the red lentils, press them with a spoon into the content of your soup. Not stirring, mashing, or pressing them in. 

Then we will set the pressure cook for one minute, however, it usually takes around 25 minutes for the instant pot to come to pressure before it reaches the one-minute timer.  

Use the quick pressure release to make sure it doesn’t burn or overcook. Then open carefully and add the apple cider vinegar. Season with extra salt.


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