Classic Tuna Melt

Credits: Spicy Southern Kitchen

Looking for a simple yet classic lunch? Great news! This classic tuna melt recipe is perfect for you! This easy and quick to make recipe is a big score for everyone. This tempting tuna melt dish is scrumptious and nutritious and it remains the perfect healthy lunch option for you and your family. 

This dish can be enjoyed alone or served with potato chips, macaroni salad, pickles, or buttermilk coleslaw if you are looking to spice things up. The buttermilk coleslaw is a great combo because the crunchy, delicious taste just goes well with the classic tuna melt. 

You can use any type of bread to make this recipe. This recipe uses a sturdy white bread but you can also use Texas toast, sourdough bread, or rye bread. Also, you can use any type of cheese you can lay your hands on. If you like your dish spicy, throw in some chopped pickled jalapeno peppers. Since the tuna itself is salty, you may want to leave that out. The tuna salad can also be made ahead. 


Classic Tuna Melt


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