Chipotle Cheddar Chopped Salad

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We do love a good salad recipe. How about you? We know finding the right salad recipe might sometime be a mundane task, so whether you’re looking to up your salad game or you just want fresh, healthy salad recipes, this Chipotle Cheddar Chopped Salad is the one for you, trust us on this. Try it once and we guarantee it will become your favorite go-to salad recipe. 

Made from the delicious and colorful mixture of sharp cheddar, fresh greens and herbs, juicy chicken, and a sweet dressing made with chipotle honey lime, this recipe is perfect for any occasion in whatever way you want to enjoy them – as a main dish or a side to your favorite dinner dish. This recipe is packed with so many flavors and nutrients, you just can’t say no!

Has the thought of making homemade salad ever crossed your mind? If you’ve had the store-bought Chipotle Cheddar Chopped Salad, you should try to make this even better version at home.

The best thing about this recipe is that it’s easily customizable. For instance, you can switch things up and make it vegetarian or throw in some beans as an additional source of protein. Instead of beans, you can use crispy tofu or shrimp to replace the chicken. If you’re the type that likes your dish spicy, add a slice of jalapeno and sprinkle little cayenne on the salad. 

This salad recipe is a smash, seriously, you should try it – they are absolutely fantastic. You don’t have to stress much as this recipe is super easy and requires only three steps – yes, you read that right, just 3 steps. 

What else are you waiting for? Grab these ingredients and join us on this smooth ride. Remember, this recipe is flexible so you can play around with the ingredients as much as you want, just make sure to keep it healthy like we always do.

Chipotle Cheddar Chopped Salad


When your dish is ready, garnish with extra shredded cheese and chopped tortilla chips (optional). Serve and enjoy with friends and family.

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