Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Dip

Credits: familyfreshmeals

Have a family get together coming up? A potluck? Or a party of some sort? Are you required to bring a side dish and have no idea what to make? Don’t want to be that person and bring a gross vegetable plate? You know the one. With the hard broccoli and dry carrots.

Maybe you don’t have the time to bake something. And you don’t want to look lazy by buying something at the store. 

Well, I can solve your problem. I have the perfect recipe. It’s easy and quick and it’s so good. Plus, this dip is so hardy it could almost be a meal in it of itself. 

This cheese chicken enchilada dip tastes just like enchiladas. And it’s less than half the work as enchiladas. No more mixing the filling, rolling a bunch of separate enchiladas (that always break and fall apart on you). With this dip all you do is mix it all together in one bowl. 

The first step to these nacho-like enchiladas is to mix a ranch dressing packet with enchilada sauce. Then add some cheese, they use Monterey Jack but you could use whatever you would like. Within reason of course, I double mozzarella would be a good fit. Anyway when you add in the cheese you also add the shredded chicken and peppers as well. Now just transfer your mixture into a baking dish and bake.

If you’re bringing it to a social gathering you could even choose gluten free chips and reach an even wider audience. Original enchiladas are made with corn tortillas anyway, which are technically gluten free. This is for gluten sensitive people, for those who are allergic always check the packaging for a “certified gluten free” label.

Now you’re ready for that potluck. I know your appetizer will be a big hit. Especially over the person who bought a vegetable plate from the store. Ew!

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