Cauli “Fish” and Chips

Credits: Green Kitchen Stories

This recipe, Cauli “Fish” and chips, contrary to its name, does not imitate fish accurately. Still, it is one of those recipes you should try, especially if you’re a vegetarian. 

Of course, it’s not meant for vegetarians alone, you can also try it out even if you are not a vegetarian… 

This recipe is a very comforting meal, and it’s easy to adapt to what you have at home. However, it requires a little bit of “kitchen” dexterity because you’ll need to chop, grate, slice, shape, fry, bake and stir. 

To save you the stress, this recipe has been simplified a little, and the method has been made quite more comfortable.

So, to prepare your cauli “fish” and chips:

Start by preheating your oven to 200°C and lining your baking trays with parchment paper. Then, in a large bowl, grate the courgette and squeeze out as much liquid as you can from it and set aside.

Place the cauliflower – after breaking it into florets – in a food processor and pulse a few times until they’ve turned into large crumbles, then set aside.

Now, scoop the cauliflower into the courgette bowl and add the remaining ingredients to the food processors. Pulse a few times until they’re mixed, and the onion is chopped. Add cauliflower and courgette to the food processor and pulse until they are combined.

Note: If your food processor isn’t large enough, pour the mixture into the large bowl with the cauliflower and stir it around with a spatula.

Dip 2 spoons into the hot water and shake off the excess water. Take a scoop of the cauli fish mixture and pass it repeatedly between the spoons, thereby turning and smoothing each side until a neat quenelle or ball is formed. Then, place the quenelles on one of the baking trays.

Prepare your potato chips by slicing or quartering the potatoes, pat dry with kitchen paper and transfer them to the second baking tray. Drizzle oil over it, season with salt and pepper and toss until well coated. 

Bake both the cauli fish and potato chips at the same time until it’s cooked (about 25-30 minutes) or golden and crispy.

Note: You might need to remove the cauliflower bites first, depending on the size of the potatoes.

As the cauli fish and potato chips bake, make your tartare sauce by roughly chopping the capers and placing it in a mixing bowl. Now, add the rest of the tartare sauce ingredients (yogurt, mayonnaise, lemon juice, and fresh dill), season with salt and pepper, and mix until it’s combined.

Make the mashy peas by placing thawed peas in a bowl, with finely chopped mint, add salt, and a drizzle of olive oil (or melted butter). Mash them up with the backside of a fork and season them with salt and pepper. Then, place in a small serving bowl.

Finally, serve the cauli fish with some chips, topped with a dollop of tartare sauce and mushy peas, a few parsley or dill, and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Tastes good, innit? 

Enjoy your meal!

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