Birthday Battenberg Cake

Credits: My Name is Yeh

Battenberg Cake is a perfect way to jazz up a traditional birthday party!

This checkered masterpiece is created by baking two cakes – in this recipe, you will be using red food coloring in one cake and sprinkles in the other to create this fun pattern. If you enjoy different flavors, you could switch the recipe—for example, one vanilla cake and one chocolate cake.

Once the cakes are baked, you will slice each cake in half (be sure that each piece is a perfect rectangle, so they will fit together and create the checkered pattern). Roll out the marzipan (directions for creating this is in the recipe) and use jam to seal the cakes together on top of the marzipan. Then, you will roll the checkered cake up in the marzipan, and finish it with colorful shapes cut out of excess marzipan.




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