Aromatic Saffron Chicken with Coconut Rice

Credits: The Roasted Root

This Aromatic Saffron Chicken with Coconut Rice will take you around the world in 10 minutes. We all know how a combination of different cultures always produces beautiful results. This Aromatic Saffron Chicken with Coconut rice is purely artistic! It is a combination of classic recipes from Thai, India, and the Middle East. A delight to eat as dinner after a long day’s work!

This recipe combines the best spices only: turmeric, cinnamon, onion powder, pepper flakes, saffron threads, and raisins. When you are done eating, only three words will come out of your mouth- “I want more”. The chicken gives the meal a scrumptious aroma and the lemon adds freshness to the dish. The peas make the meal sumptuous and attractive.

You can get your marinated chicken and soaked rice ready before preparing to cook. Are you ready to make your own Saffron Chicken with Coconut Rice? Let’s go!

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