Agnolotti Pasta Salad with Ricotta

Credits: Donnahay

Sometimes I dream of going on vacations to exotic places… sometimes I dream of getting even a day off. One of the places I’ve been longing to vacation to has been Italy. But who has the money or time to take a vacation like that? I can barely take advantage of my weekends… I’m lucky if I get to sleep in an hour or so. 

One of the main reasons I’ve been longing to go to Italy is the food. I love Italian food. Not just any Italian food but legitimate Italian food. I could just try to make it myself but I’m not a good cook at all. That’s what I love about this recipe. Its authentic Italian taste is amazing. And it’s not that hard to make. I mean, if I can make it, anyone can. 

The directions are fairly simple. First you mix together some seasonings (I suggest fresh ingredients if possible). Then you cook the pasta. Be careful not to cook it too long! All authentic Italian pasta is cooked al dente (which means the pasta has a bit of a bite left to it). Toss to combine the seasoning mixture with the pasta and you’re done. The recipe suggests you top the pasta with ricotta, one of my favorite italian cheeses, and a basil leaf. This last part really gives it that authentic Italian look. 

Now that doesn’t sound too hard does it. Only a few minutes and you have authentic Italian food without having to travel anywhere.

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