Credits: Fresh Planet Flavor

Breakfast. The hardest meal of the day. Most people I know drink a cup of coffee and call it good. But coffee doesn’t give you the energy you need for long busy days. However, most people don’t have time for breakfast. Having to get up extra early to make breakfast is just not feasible. Not to mention if you do happen to be able to spare a few minutes in the morning you’re going to grab the quickest thing… and quick often doesn’t mean nutritious.

What about if you have children? What do they eat in the morning before they rush off to school? Pop-Tarts? Cereal that’s full of sugar? Nothing? 

This recipe is perfect for solving both of these problems. It’s nutritious, low carb, and you can make it ahead of time. All you have to do is pop it in the microwave real quick.

Another benefit of this recipe is that it only has three ingredients. Eggs, asparagus, and bacon. You start with cooking the bacon in the oven (or you could always buy bacon bits). Then cut up the asparagus and arrange them on the bottom of your tart pan. Sprinkle some bacon on top of the asparagus. Next are the eggs, whip them up until they’re nice and fluffy (my mom taught me to add a bit of water to the eggs to get them fluffier). That’s pretty much it. 

Once your frittata has cooled from the oven, throw it in the fridge. Now you have a tasty,low carb, nutritious breakfast. And it’s super quick as well.

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