Real Crispy Cheese Snacks Launched by Taco Bell


By Cooking Panda

Let’s face it Crispy cheese is nothing short of being a delicacy for many. Let’s first make your taste profile. Do you like the crunchy ends on pizza crusts? Bet you do. Now, do you like bits of shredded cheese coming out of quesadilla when it is still cooking? Sure, you do. Well, then there is some exciting news for you (and for anyone who isn’t lactose intolerant)! Taco Bell just launched a snack that is nothing short of being perfect: Cheddar Crisps.

You can get these latest Cheddar Crisps in participating 7-Eleven’s and Kroger’s across the nation, and eventually, they will also be available on Amazon delivery services. Being inspired by classic Taco Bell flavors, the launch will be in three different variations: Nacho, Fire Sauce, and Mild Sauce.


So what is Crispy Cheese like?

While these disc-shaped snacks containing real cheese are quite similar to other cheese snacks, what separates them is the feel of actual crunchy cheese, unlike a cheese-flavored cracker.

If you are curious about the taste and want to know how fiery the fire sauce flavor actually is, you can do so by checking out the numerous Instagram posts about the first impressions of this snack.

If you need more information about where to find these savory snacks, you can do so by finding a store locator at

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