Quick & Easy “Cheater” Chocolate Croissants


By Jenny Pham

Croissants are flaky buttery pastries that originated in Austria that are now widespread in almost every bakery in the world. Usually enjoyed by itself for a morning treat, croissants have evolved over the years to be paired with chocolate, jam, ice cream, flavored with almonds, injected with cream, or even enjoyed as a sandwich! They’re highly versatile and the multiple airy layers are complex to achieve, but today we’re taking a shortcut and making quick and easy chocolate “cheater” croissants.

Quick and Easy Cheater Chocolate Croissants

Usually croissant dough takes hours to build, constantly folding butter to laminate the dough to create bites of airy layers. Although there is no readily available croissant pastry dough, we’re opting for a base that is similarly buttery and flaky as a normal croissant – puff pastry. Using refrigerated puff pastry and folding in chocolate chips, these chocolate “croissants” can be ready in just 30 minutes – no need for fancy equipment or waiting for the dough to rest!

Quick and Easy Cheater Chocolate Croissants

With the recipe, we’re achieving crispy on the outside, soft and buttery on the inside pastries that will give bursts of melted chocolate with every bite. You won’t be missing the real deal at all!

Baking can be as easy as throwing a boxed

What is Laminated Dough?

Laminating dough is the process of folding butter into dough many times, which creates multiple alternating layers of butter and dough. When the laminated dough bakes, the butter melts and creates steam. This steam lifts the layers apart, leaving us with dozens of flaky airy buttery layers.

We’re going to laminate the dough 3 times, which will create 81 layers in our croissants. Yes, 81! Let me paint that picture for you.

  • Start with dough, butter layer, d


Recipe: Quick & Easy “Cheater” Chocolate Croissants


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