Pumpkin & Apple Pie Candy Corn Has Officially Returned


By Cooking Panda

Candy corn in apple and pumpkin pie flavor? Yes, please! Way to go Brach’s for nailing that one – Fall is officially here and I don’t know about you, but I’m all about the candy that accompanies spooky season. Although Candy corn is a hit or miss for most people, Brach’s take on the traditional candy with its various flavors might just change the mind of candy corn doubters. 

I mean, Brach’s even has a Turkey Dinner flavored Candy corn. Can we just stop and appreciate that for a minute? The Candy corn tastes like a turkey dinner (and yes, with cranberry sauce and green beans). That’s next level, and you bet I’m going to have bowls of that on the dining table this Thanksgiving.

Instagrammer @Frontpagefoodfinds found Brach’s Candy corn at Dollar Tree and shared a raving review – “I have to say Brach’s really captured the apple and pumpkin flavor in candy corn form. I’m not even a big apple pie or pumpkin pie fan and I thought these were pretty darn good,” they wrote on Instagram: “I did favor the pumpkin pie flavored candy corn more, so those vanished out of the bag first and pretty fast. Brach’s Pie Favorites are a fun seasonal twist on a classic seasonal candy.” Good news – Brach’s products are also available at CVS, Walmart, Party City, as well as Amazon.

Brach’s is also offering Caramel Apple Mellowcreme, as well as Skull & Crossbones Candy Corn AND Mermaid Candy Corn!

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