Pringles’ Cajun Fries Chips Gives Us A Taste of New Orleans


By Cooking Panda

That’s right, folks – Pringles has just dropped a brand new flavor. Their Cajun Fries Chips are to die for! You’re probably thinking of Louisiana, and maybe more specifically, New Orleans. But not to fret, you don’t need to travel during these times to get a taste of New Orleans. Pringles is bringing us a jam-packed flavor can of chips with paprika, cayenne and garlic spices.

Shoutout to Instagrammer @junkfoodadventures, who initially spotted this purple tube of perfection. Even the packaging and pictures are spot on! There’s actually Cajun fries and a chip playing the saxophone under a streetlight – I mean, come on! 

So far, Pringles’ new Cajun Fries Chips have been spotted at Price Chopper, a popular supermarket chain in New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. As mentioned on the packaging itself, these chips are only available for a limited time – so if you see them, be sure to grab yourself a can (or two or three)!

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