Pillsbury’s New Limited-Edition Hot Cocoa Rolls With Marshmallow Icing


By Cooking Panda

We’ll admit that Pillsbury’s crescent and cinnamon rolls are already on our bimonthly grocery list, but their newest limited-edition Hot Cocoa Rolls look even better! What’s amazing about their new hot cocoa rolls is they are already made and just need to be baked, and then they are ready to eat. 

Add these Hot Cocoa Rolls to your shopping list – why not indulge in those sweet cravings this holiday season? God knows we’ve already had our fair share of PSLs and pumpkin breads from Starbucks. Now don’t get us wrong, we LOVE classic cinnamon rolls, but those are old news! Now we’re on to these new Hot Cocoa Rolls! Plus, we love making Pillsbury products – they require minimal effort and they never disappoint! They’re always a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Especially anything “Grands!” You know they’re going to come out of the oven large, fluffy and perfect!

The flavor of the rolls’ dough is hot cocoa, and instead of the usual regular icing, these limited-edition rolls come with marshmallow drizzle icing to put on top. The marshmallow icing really complements the cocoa flavor and completes these Hot Cocoa Rolls! They are priced at $3.89 and will be at your local grocery stores until the end of December 2020. Whether you have these tasty rolls for Sunday brunch, a snack, dessert, or maybe even a midnight craving – they will be delicious any time of day, and they’ll put you in a festive holiday mood!

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