Pillsbury’s New Funfetti Slime Is Just In Time For Halloween – And Looks a Lot Tastier Than It Sounds


By Cooking Panda

It’s officially the start of the spooky season, marked by pumpkins, scary movies, and so much candy. If you really want to celebrate in style this year, you’re in luck. Pillsbury, a favorite for easy and delicious baked goods, has a new line of spooky cake mixes and frosting that are sure to add a little ghoulishness to your Halloween celebrations. 

The spooky mixes are part of Pillsbury’s Funfetti line – those cake mixes that have sprinkles in the batter, so every slice of cake is full of colorful confetti. There’s plenty to try with the new Halloween-inspired Slime mixes, which look like they taste a lot better than the name might suggest.

The Funfetti Slime Cake Mix is a chocolate cake base with green, purple, orange, and white bits of candy inside, for a super festive slice.

If cake isn’t your thing, there’s also Funfetti Slime Brownie Mix – delicious gooey brownies with green, white and purple candies baked right in.

Whichever mix you choose, you can frost it with Funfetti Slime Frosting. True to the name, the frosting is bright green and comes with purple and black sprinkles that include little sprinkles that look like googly eyes. 

The Funfetti Slime mixes and frosting are available at a grocery store near you if you want to get started with your Halloween as soon as possible. It looks like a deliciously spooky addition to a night spent watching your favorite scary movies. 

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