Vegan Can’t Stop Laughing At Disappointing ‘Salad’ (Photo)


By Cooking Panda

Those who have made the change to veganism might know that there are a lot of banging meals out there, from deep-fried indulgences to healthier fare like sandwiches and salads.

But for every standout vegan meal you might chance upon at an omnivorous restaurant, you’ve probably encountered a few stinkers in your day.

From the sad roasted token vegetable plate (sandwich if you’re lucky!) that everyone gets tired of to the realization that there’s absolutely nothing vegan-friendly on a menu you can even order, most vegans have at least one laughable eating-out horror story.

Well, one pair of sisters might just be able to top your most ridiculous tale of beans and plain lettuce.

It all went down in Malaga, Spain, where Gabbie and Georgina Jarvis were on vacation, trying out a restaurant that “claimed they catered to vegans,” according to Gabbie’s viral Twitter post.

“When she received the food I couldn’t help but laugh, we made pretty awkward eye contact with each other as staff were still serving us but I knew we were thinking the same thing,” Gabbie told Metro.

That’s right, folks. Your eyes do not deceive you. It was a plate of raw tomato wedges and raw rings of red onion. No seasoning in sight.

It cost around $7-$10.

“I think we expected more of a salad for her with some lettuce and other [vegetables,] maybe not just that,” Gabbie said, adding that they had a reservation booked for a large party with their dad’s friends, so they would have to go back and possibly endure another sad meal.

Though, like many carnivorous parts of the world, Spain has been getting more and more vegan-friendly — in 2012, it had 686 vegetarian restaurants, according to The Guardian — it has never exactly been known for its pork-free options.

Georgina was a bit more positive than her sister about the whole ordeal and told Metro that she was “very happy” that the cooks went out of their way to accommodate her, even if her home in England does have better vegan options by comparison.

“The tweet posted may make veganism look like an extremity and inaccessible, but in reality I normally have no issues eating out in restaurants and normally have many options,” she added.

Sources: MetroThe Guardian / Featured Image: WiseMan42/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Image: Gabbie Jarvis/Twitter via Metro

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