These 17 Veggie Chopping Gifs Are Strangely Satisfying


By Cooking Panda

There’s something very, very satisfying about watching people cut vegetables.

I’m completely transfixed by this flawless pepper coring:


These razor-thin garlic slices are giving me aromatic envy.

And the stunning way that these cloves pop out of their skin is a thing of beauty.

This person’s onion-dicing skills are just incredible.

Regard this fine example of next-level onioning:

This might be a cartoon, but this knife action is nonetheless glorious.

Lettuce take in this orderly romaine cubing:

The way this chef expertly and effortlessly slices this cucumber paper thin is just mesmerizing.

Do you prefer your cukes a little thicker? There you go:

I could stare at this reverse tomato-slicing for hours. (And don’t even think about starting up the fruit-vegetable debate.)

Who can forget this spellbinding chiffonade?

There is a 90 percent chance I would cut my fingers open using this handy rolling gadget on some tubers, but it sure is delightful to watch somebody else use this incredible invention.

It also does wonders on these delicious, fresh herbs…

Or maybe this perfect symmetry-creating gadget is more up your alley:

Whatever your preferred method, chop away!

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Featured Photo Credit: janeb13/Pixabay

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