These 17 Deep Fried Gifs Are Life


By Cooking Panda

Hmm… is it cheat day yet? I think it’s cheat day! Let’s deep fry everything!

Will you join me? Grab your pot of boiling oil and let’s drop some things in it.

You can’t forget the classic FRIED POTATOES! You know they are perfect when they have a nice crunch on the outside with just that little bit of softness in the middle. Yum!

Look how gorgeously golden and crispy they turned out!

They would go perfectly with this heavenly fried chicken — moist on the inside, crispy and greasy on the outside, and perfectly seasoned. Check out this perfect golden skin:

How excited would you be to pull these off your stove right now?

And then there’s delicious popcorn-style chicken, those crispy, crunchy bites that you can toss in some tangy or spicy sauce…

And then gobble them all up, because YUM.

Maybe have some naturally sweet, starchy and soft plantains on the side?

Or are you in the mood for something even sweeter? Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about dessert! How about this old standby, these golden fried rings of goodness also known as donuts?

I’d love to glaze them up and eat a couple hot and fresh ones right now.

Are you partial to some fresh fried strips tossed in cinnamon sugar? That’s ok too. ALL HAIL THE CHURRO.

I mean LOOK:

And then you have this giant vat of sweet, pillowy beignets:


Don’t forget to top them with piles of powdered sugar.

Enjoy eating all the fried things!

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Featured Photo Credit: Pixabay

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