These 17 Caramel Gifs Will Give You Life


By Cooking Panda

There’s really nothing like thick, sweet caramel.

What better sauce is there than this gooey, buttery, toasted delight?

You can dunk it…

Drizzle it…

Or maybe just eat it by the spoonful.

All you need to make it is butter, sugar and cream, and yet it takes on a life of its own when cooked.

Once it is in its final form, this magic sauce can make just about any dessert taste better. From cake:

To gloriously loaded milkshakes:

To warm drinks:

To fruit:

To other fruit:


To pastries:

To alcohol:

To breakfast:

To more cake!


Is there a more perfect dessert than caramel? We think not.

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Featured Photo Credit: Kitchen Gone Rogue | Kelly H/Instagram

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