Sriracha Tuna Nori Wrap


By Cooking Panda


  • 1 Bumble Bee Sriracha flavor tuna spoon pouch

  • -or- 1 Bumble Bee Spicy Thai Chili flavor spoon pouch

  • 3 sheets seaweed

  • 3 tablespoons microwaveable white rice

  • Soy sauce to taste


  1. Place seaweed sheets on plate

  2. Microwave white rice and add to half of seaweed sheet

  3. Top white rice with Bumble Bee Sriracha tuna

    1. This can be swapped with Spicy Thai Chili tuna flavor if preferred

  4. Diagonally roll seaweed to make a wrap

  5. Place soy sauce in a separate small serving dish for dipping

  6. Dip and Enjoy!

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Tags: Tuna
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