Reign Supreme With This 24-Karat Gold Royal Coffee Pot


By Cooking Panda

Oh you fancy, huh?

For many of us, the day hasn’t officially begun until we’ve had at least one soothing cup of a caffeinated drink in the morning. It doesn’t matter what form it comes in — usually the stronger the better, in our opinion. But cheap or expensive coffee beans do the trick to take us from zombies to working humans within the span of several minutes.

No, the form of the coffee doesn’t matter — but the container in which it is brewed might, if you’re interested in purchasing this 24-karat gold, custom-made coffee pot.

No joke, ya’ll. This is for real.

Brought to us by Royal Paris, only eight hand-crafted Royal Coffee Makers are assembled each month, with every one requiring more than 50 hours of meticulous labor by skilled artisans. This fancy machine is considered “the world’s first-ever bespoke coffee maker.”

What makes a coffee maker bespoke, you ask? The Royal Coffee Maker invites you to the world of bespoke on its website, and claims:

“From the moment you commission your Royal, a story unfolds. The collaboration between metallurgists, designers, engineers and glass makers affords us the luxury of bringing together only the finest materials to produce a truly unique artwork.”

Your coffee maker can be fashioned out of either 24-karat gold, copper or silver and set on a base made from malachite, azurite or obsidian. It comes with a Baccarat crystal carafe and burner vase and also the option to be engraved with your initials, or perhaps even your family crest, by the way.

Did any of those words make sense to you? Are we the only ones frantically Googling all of the different expensive materials that comprise this coffee pot? 

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The Royal will run you somewhere between $10,000 and $18,000, depending on which of the above materials you choose for your pot, but at least you can brag to all of your friends that your gadget is the handiwork of a French artist named Jean-Luc Rieutort and his handy-dandy crew of metallurgists, engineers and sculptors.

What do you think? Will you be treating yourself to this coffee pot for a New Year’s gift?

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