Raw Meat Cakes Are Apparently A Real Thing (Photos)


By Cooking Panda

If you’re watching your sugar and carb intake and following more of a protein-heavy diet, these meat cakes might be just the thing for you.

Metro reports that the citizens of Japan have bumped their birthday celebrations up a notch with the introduction of raw meat cakes. And no, this isn’t steak tartare we’re talking about … it’s a raw meat platter shaped like a birthday cake. They even put candles on top and everything.

Some are decorated with sparklers, and others even with flowers. The meats are top choice and, according to Kotaku, they’re appearing more and more at grilled meat restaurants all over the country.

When looking through these pictures (which are all over social media, FYI), you have to wonder who even came up with this? And why?

According to Bustle, in a country like Japan where most meals are dominated by fish and rice, high-quality meats are a luxury, which explains why they’re such a great birthday gift. If you receive a platter of meat shaped like a birthday cake or like roses (or both), you’re a pretty happy camper. If you’re at a grill-your-own-meat joint, it could just be like meshing your dinner with your dessert.

Take apart the beautifully crafted piece of beefy artwork and get to grilling, after snapping a picture, of course. Some of the “cakes” even feature high-quality cuts of sashimi.

Personally, this new trend is not my thing. If you say cake, I expect layers upon layers of chocolate and icing; I want my flowers to be full of sugar. However, I guess I can see the appeal. I’m sure the carnivores delight in this (probably very expensive) birthday treat.

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Maybe if I could get past the look of it … I could give a meat cake a chance. Then again, I’d have to go to Japan to do so. Strange how this seems like it would be much more of a Western thing. I guess we’ve rubbed off on them some!

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