Prepare Yourself For Vanilla Cupcake M&M’s!!!


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One Instagram user has M&M’s fans going crazy over a leaked new flavor. The post shows a picture of M&M’s Vanilla Cupcake, and we can’t wait to try it.

According to Delish, the new M&M’s will be white chocolate based and vanilla cupcake flavored. They’ll come in spring colors such as lavender, pale yellow, baby blue and light pink. The Instagram post shows a purple package with the lady green M&M on the front holding a tray of cupcakes. Also on the post is a message about the new flavor only being available at Target.

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Instagram user Junk Banter apparently found this new flavor announcement on a Target store weekly flyer, which was uploaded to, for those of you who are interested in scanning through coupons (maybe even for the M&M’s once they’re out). The Vanilla Cupcake flavor is expected to debut after Valentine’s Day, when it makes more sense to release candies that are Easter-colored.

We always look forward to getting a taste of a new M&M’s flavor, and according to Today, the most recent flavor to debut was the White Cheesecake. We’ve also known them to come in the strawberry shortcake variety, as well as pecan pie and hot chocolate. Some have argued that the White Cheesecake M&M’s really only tasted like plain white chocolate, so we’re hoping this new flavor will actually taste like the real deal.

Mars hasn’t officially announced this new flavor yet, so we’re waiting on that as well. Once that much-anticipated press release is available and circulating, we’ll know it’s time to start the taste-testing. We’re not the only ones excited for that part, either! Both Delish and Today have also expressed an eagerness to announce their own taste-test findings. Will M&M’s Vanilla Cupcake taste like the disappointing White Cheesecake flavor, or will they be scrumptious, like the popular peanut butter flavor? Time will surely tell! Keep an eye out at your local Target after Valentine’s Day to decide for yourself.

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Sources: Delish, Today / Photo Credit: M&M's/Instagram

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