Pokemon Coffee Is Launching At Starbucks!


By Cooking Panda

Gotta catch em all — in a size tall, extra whip?

We all remember the crazy Pokemon Go launch in Summer 2016; it was a mania that swept the nation, and spurred people to go outside of the comfort of their homes in order to emulate our collective hero Ash Ketchum in his quest to become a Pokemon master.

Plenty of businesses, after realizing the massive popularity of the game, hopped on the Pokemon bandwagon, adapting their business plans to draw in players to their establishments or services (Yelp, for instance, launched a feature that alerted users to Pokemon Go stops).

Now, Starbucks employees have leaked on Reddit that the coffee chain is all set to launch a Pokemon Go promotion nationwide beginning on Dec. 8.

“This is more evidence that Starbucks is planning on a HUGE Pokemon update leaked off of their official employee’s upcoming promotions web page, today,” the Reddit user posted. “This was taken from someone I know who works for Starbucks and has been keeping tabs on whats going on for me.”

According to the leak, Pokemon Go’s “generation 2” will be introduced by the promotion, in which a large margin of Starbucks stores and cafes are slated to officially turn into designated Pokemon Go destinations, as well as introduce a new slew of characters — maybe up to 100, according to rumors!

“On the 8th, each Starbucks will get a “Frappachino” icon where the trainer has to engage it. Once the trainer engages the frappachino, it is unclear if there is going to be some sort of code or presentation that will allow that trainer to then go inside Starbucks to purchase it (customers that are NOT playing Pokemon go will NOT be eligible for this beverage.. this way Niantic can track if the event was a success),” the Reddit user explained.

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“At the time of purchase, the trainer will claim a rumored-to-be UNRELEASED Pokemon.”

What do you think, Pokemon Go players? Will you go get your extra special caffeine boost to celebrate the launch of gen 2?

Sources: Alturrisi/Reddit / Photo Credit: Alturrisi/Reddit via Imgur (2), Starbucks/Instagram

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