Please Enjoy Michael Bolton Singing Coffee Orders (Video)


By Cooking Panda

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, singer/songwriter Michael Bolton decided to come out to an Alfred coffee shop and sing orders to unsuspecting customers. What a great surprise!

Customers of this Los Angeles coffee shop appeared to be shocked and thrilled to find Michael Bolton singing their coffee orders to them. According to Laughing Squid, Vanity Fair asked the singer to go undercover to try this little stunt, and I don’t think anyone was disappointed.

When you check out the video below (because, of course you’ll want to) you’ll hear Bolton say at the very beginning that he’d never do such a thing. I almost believed him at first, except that there were four more minutes of video left, so I knew he must have given in.

At first, customers appeared uncertain of what was happening. I can’t say I blame them, anyone would be second-guessing their eyes and ears at that moment. The first customer laughs and sings “thank you” back to Bolton. The next drink is a $10 latte, which is clearly astonishing on its own, even without the singing.

While customers are called to get their drinks one by one, and catching on to what’s happening, you start to see everyone videotaping with their phones in amazement. One fan was so excited he was shaking. He claims he can never go to Starbucks now, because what if Michael Bolton comes back here? One customer even got a special “Happy Birthday” song line.

The singing gets better and better as Bolton warms up and the video goes on for a full four minutes, but you’ll swear it happened in the blink of an eye. Michael Bolton has such a soothing voice, you could just doze off listening to it! At the end of his shift, I think every customer was pleasantly satisfied, and I feel sorry for anyone who was just arriving and missed the whole thing! I can say one thing though, I bet those baristas got some pretty great tips that day.

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Check out the video to hear the singing for yourself.

Sources: Laughing Squid, Vanity Fair / Photo Credit: Alfred/Instagram

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