Pizza Hut Is Heading Into Football Season With A Playable Pizza Box


By Cooking Panda

Pizza Hut is at it again, adding fun to an otherwise boring old piece of cardboard. It wasn’t long ago that they debuted the DJ Pizza Box, but now it’s time for some friendly competition — flick football style.

 Just in time for 2016’s fall football season, Pizza Hut is introducing the Flick Football pizza box. If you aren’t familiar, flick football is a game played by using a folded piece of paper (triangle shaped) and flicking it into the opponent’s goal post, which is usually just the other player’s fingers.

According to CNBC, this promotion will run from August 29 through October 14, and all medium pizzas will be served in this box. The box itself will feature a football field design printed on top, and detachable goal posts, a score card and flickable cardboard triangles to represent footballs.

In a press release, Pizza Hut’s Chief Marketing Officer David Timm says “We know our fans enjoy a little competition and we’re happy to provide a platform that lets them get in on the game in a whole new way while watching their favorite team. … [w]e are proud to bring some entertainment to the table along with our $5 flavor menu.”

How is this connected to a $5 flavor menu, you ask? Well, fans that enter Pizza Hut’s “Flick Football Challenge” on Twitter are entered for a chance to win a free $5 dinner box. This box includes a medium one-topping pizza, bread sticks and the Ultimate Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie. You may want wings instead of bread sticks, or the brownie instead of the cookie, it’s all fair game.

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Participate by posting a video of your flick football game onto Twitter, tagging @PizzaHut and using the hashtag #PizzaHutHut. You can win based on different criteria which changes from week to week. Sometimes Pizza Hut may be looking for the longest flicked football, or sometimes they may want to see the longest unbroken “kicking” back and forth.

Keep up with Pizza Hut on Twitter to learn more and follow the competition!

Sources: Pizza Hut/PR Newswire, CNBC, Pizza Hut/Twitter / Photo credit: Pizza Hut/PR Newswire

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