Pizza Hut Debuts Its Most Glorious Creation Yet


By Cooking Panda

Move aside, pizza box made out of pizza!

Pizza Hut just debuted a new stuffed crust pizza, and this one is even better than the last! The fast food giant announced recently that it will start serving cheesy-bacon stuffed crust pizza nationwide, meaning that you can now have bacon (and pizza) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

While Pizza Hut has come up with some pretty wacky creations in the past, from hot dog stuffed crust to cheesy Dorito crust, we have a feeling this newest adaptation might just be a winner. After all, who can say no to bacon?

Don’t waste too much time feasting your eyes on the glory that is cheesy-bacon stuffed pizza though—after all, your very own pie is only a click or a phone call away!

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Source: delish / Photo credits: pizzahut/Instagram (2)

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