People Are Losing It Over This Photo Of Michael Buble Eating Corn


By Cooking Panda

Canadian crooner Michael Buble is known for having some pretty slick moves. But recent viral photos of the singer doing something unsettling has disturbed thousands of people.

On April 13, Buble visited Disneyland in California, where he ordered corn on the cob. So far, so good, right?

Wrong. What Buble was photographed doing next was so upsetting that thousands of internet users shared those images along with declarations of their outrage.

Take a look:

That’s right. The smooth singer, who was formerly known as a harmless, nice guy, ate his corn vertically, like it was some kind of banana or popsicle.

According to a series of photos, he took a few vertical bites of the vegetable, as if he was some sort of barbarian, before tossing it in the trash can.

Buble might not have thought much of his ear of corn, but internet residents worldwide are completely unnerved.

“Can someone show Michael Buble how to eat a Corn on The Cob properly?” one Twitter user wrote, according to Us Weekly.

It’s possible that he was simply gnawing on the sides with one hand when a photographer framed him, but we just can’t get the image of him biting into the whole thing out of our minds.

“Michael Buble eating corn like a rocket pop makes me all sorts of uncomfortable,” another Twitter user wrote.

But Buble, whether or not he knows just how wrong he is, just wants to be left in peace.

“This is vegetable harassment !!!” Buble tweeted along with the hashtags #mesocorny #paparazzi and #shuckme. “What I do with my Cobb is nobody’s business.”

Before the viral photos, Buble reportedly had a great time at the California theme park, of which he visited both California Adventure, where he was spotted riding the California Screamin’ roller coaster, and the classic Disneyland park, where he donned 3D glasses with a friend for Toy Story Mania and met a famous Star Wars character, which he said completed his “bucket list.”

Buble might look harmless, but we just can’t forgive him for chomping on a whole ear of corn like that.

Sources: Huffington Post, Us Weekly, Twitter / Photo Credit: Twitter (2)

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