People Are Losing It Over This Crazy Way To Cut A Pineapple (Video)


By Cooking Panda

If whole pineapples are your nemesis, you’ll be impressed by this new, wildly popular internet video of a street vendor expertly slicing the fruit with ease in one minute (video below).

The delicious, distinctive tropical fruit is notoriously hard to slice, so it’s no wonder that people are losing their minds over how easy this man makes it look. First, he cuts off the end of the pineapple before slicing around the rim with a long, thin knife. He cuts some lines through the flesh, pulls out the core, and flips the fruit over – perfectly carved chunks of pineapple topple out of the hollow shell, putting the rest of our knife skills to shame and then some.

In truth, it’s a little tricky of an operation, so we’d only suggest trying this at home if you really know your way around a pineapple and have impeccable knife skills to boot.

Not quite at the level? That’s ok, we aren’t either. If you’re stumped on how to cut up the poky fruit, start by turning it on its side and cutting off the crown (or the ponytail, as we call it) and the bottom stem with a sharp chef’s knife, cutting about a half inch.

Then, stand the pineapple up on one end and carefully slice off the skin on the sides, going from top to bottom and cutting as thinly as possible to leave as much flesh on as you can. Then, cutting in diagonal “v” lines, cut off the rows of eyes. From there, either cut the pineapple into rings, or cut it into quarters lengthwise and remove the stem, leaving it in spears or cubing it.

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Did you know the core is edible and healthy and that the skin is packed with aroma? We like to freeze both in small pieces and simmer them in soup broth to give it a more complex, sweet flavor. The core is also great blended into smoothies or juice.

Sources: Srinivasan Raghunathan/YouTube, WikiHow, Jodie's Kitchen / Photo credit: Srinivasan Raghunathan/YouTube

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