Pasta Maker Said Video Of Carbonara Recipe Has Gone ‘Too Far’


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Barilla, the acclaimed Italian pasta maker, stated a French website had gone “too far” in its unorthodox interpretation of a classic Italian dish.

As a classic Italian pasta dish, carbonara is typically made in a simple, traditional way. On its YouTube channel, the French website Demotivateur posted a video for a carbonara recipe that used Barilla’s farfalle pasta.

Throughout the short video, many culinary travesties were executed. Frankly, it’s understandable why a major Italian brand would not want its name associated with such an unconventional approach to the dish.

As stated by The Guardian, farfalle is not used in carbonara, but rather spaghetti or rigatoni. The pasta was also completely prepared in one pot, which is odd at best, lazy at worst. By preparing the dish in just one pot, the guanciale (a type of bacon; pancetta is also frequently used in this dish) is boiled instead of sauteed in a pan. Furthermore, the addition of onions, creme fraiche, and uncooked egg topping made this pasta dish appear more like a culinary experiment gone wrong.

The video has since been taken down, but not before various news outlets featured it. According to the Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica, the tutorial managed to destroy an Italian tradition in a mere 46 seconds.

Although a Barilla spokesperson explained that the video was not a paid advertisement, and that Demotivateur is allowed a degree of interpretation with its dishes as an editorial partner, the pasta maker asserted the carbonara video was “just not right.” 

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Source: The Guardian / Photo Credit: The Guardian

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