Oreo Beer Exists And It’s Apparently Amazing


By Cooking Panda


Important news: Your two favorite things have entered into a beautiful union, and they are now one.

That’s right, Oreo beer is a real thing, and you can have a glass of it right now if you act fast, all thanks to The Veil Brewing Company.

The craft brewers, located in Richmond, Virginia, describe their Oreo Hornswoggler, which they debuted on Jan. 24, 2017, as a 7 percent “robust chocolate milk stout conditioned on hundreds of Oreo cookies.” In other words, this beer is a dream come true for many of us.

“If you like Oreo cookies, this is a must try,” the masterminds wrote on their Instagram page.

Somewhere between 55 and 80 cases of the stuff were at The Veil’s Virginia tasting room, but sadly it all sold out pretty much immediately. There is a bit left on tap though as of Jan. 26, so if you’re around Richmond, check out The Veil’s social media to see if they still have it and stop in as soon as you can.

If you were so lucky to pick up your own four-pack of these awesome cans, make sure to keep them in the fridge and drink them soon “FOR THE MOST INTENSE OREO CHARACTER POSSIBLE” (yes, in all caps). The reason is that there might be a little leftover Oreo sugar and other residue in there, which may look a little funky if you’re not into that (but just assume that it’s a mark of quality).

According to the biography on their Facebook page, The Veil focuses on “hop-forward ales, high gravity barrel aging, and spontaneous fermentation,” which honestly sounds pretty cool to us. So even if they’ve run out of the Oreo beer (a tragedy!), you’ll probably still find a ton of other producrs that you like.

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Either way, we are crossing our fingers that they make more of this stuff.

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