Order A Whopper Through Facebook Messenger (Video)


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In a matter of months, you’ll be able to place an order for a meal at Burger King through Facebook Messenger.

At Facebook’s F8 conference, many businesses are discovering the ways in which Facebook Messenger will be able to connect businesses to clients and customers.

Steve Greenwood, Burger King’s digital president, stated that Restaurant Brands International has been developing the technology needed for Burger King and other restaurants to be able to interact with customers.

“Just as we locate physical storefronts to be most convenient for our guests on their way to work or home, we are creating digital touch points that are client agnostic so we enable current user behaviors that enable guests to engage with us anyway they want,” Greenwood wrote in a Medium post.

Several businesses have been working with Facebook Messenger in order to provide options to customers throughout Facebook’s 1 billion active monthly users, as reported by Forbes. Although businesses have been using Facebook for years through profile pages, sponsored advertisements, and expertly-timed social media posts, they were unable to take advantage of Facebook’s Messenger app, with the exception of Uber (see below).

At the Facebook F8 conference, the social media giant is expected to announce the ways businesses can utilize the Messenger app to reach customers through both human customer service agents and bots.

“For our brands, the ability to build new automated capabilities like bots on the Messenger Platform will make it easier than ever to interact with people in engaging new ways,” Greenwood explained.

Users on the transportation share network, Uber, are able to book rides through Facebook Messenger, making it the first business to perform transactions through the app.

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Which restaurants are joining Burger King on the Facebook Messenger train? Only time will tell.

“The winners in the restaurant industry will be determined by whatever company best uses software to give guests what they want—to be engaged in an authentic way through technology,” Greenwood said.

Sources: Forbes, Medium / Photo Credit: Burger King

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